Peanut Tofu & Cucumber Sushi

Slice tofu

Drain tofu and press out water. Cut tofu in long strips place on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper no need to grease. Bake for about 30 minutes turn half way through.

Korean rice seasoning
Sticky rice with seasoning

Once rice is steamed you can add some rice seasoning if desired and then the salt, vinegar and sugar. I found this in a local korean market. It adds extra color and flavor. This is a helpful link I used for making stick rice.

Once tofu is baked mix peanut sauce if you like spicy you can add some chili pepper, and drizzle over tofu. There will be extra left over for dipping. Slice cucumbers and everything is ready for assembly. This makes about 4 sushi rolls.

Seasoned rice, peanut sauce, sliced cucumber and baked tofu drizzled with sauce
Using bamboo mat spread rice on nori sheet
Serve and enjoy!