Flying Yoga Rising Flow


Flying Yoga Rising Flow with Heart Opener

Flying yoga rising flow with some heart opener poses. This is a heart opener flow I love to practice with rising elements. This aerial yoga sequence can be a little bit of a challenge and is easy to become stuck about half way through! The easiest way to go down is to first keep going up that is why I chose this Flying Yoga sequence to represent, Day 2 Rising Flow. This is for the #BeTheFlowAerial Day 2️⃣ – rising flow – a flow or pose that makes your heart soar 🕊️. Who is ready to share your aerial practice with a welcoming community!?
Join us August 3 – 7. 

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Joining Instagram challenges is a great way to meet more like minded individuals. It really is fun and builds a sense of community no matter where you are in the world. Its a great way to share and learn new things from others. During these times of Covid and not being able to go to gyms its really great to have a sense of fellowship with the aerial community on Instagram.