Standing Wings toΒ  Sitting Wings Pose
This is a simple flow for beginners
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β€’ Start by opening the fabric and stepping in.
β€’ Step one foot forward to the front of fabric. Make sure both shoulders are behind fabric.
β€’ On the side opposite of standing leg, pull fabric open from behind.
β€’ Bring your foot forward and step into open fabric.
Now you’re ready to spread your wingsο™‚
β€’ Hands reach up and open legs to sides, adjust if needed.
β€’ Practice opening and closing legs. Enjoy holding the pose and breathing
When ready to exit
β€’ Hands reach up and pull as you bring your legs together.
β€’ Unhook your foot and bring back to center. Make sure shoulders are behind fabric.
β€’ Slowly bend knees to sitting position.
β€’ Grab the fabric from behind and open your wingsο™‚
Make sure to listen to your body and enjoy!

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