Open Hammock Inverted Thigh Wrap

Open Hammock Inverted Thigh Wrap Sequence
This is a simple stretch flow for beginners
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Open Hammock Hamstring Stretch
β€’ Open fabric place leg inside so there’s a little fabric by foot. Pull fabric up by hip.
β€’ Place hands in center and press open fabric lean forward for hamstring stretch.
β€’ Come back to standing and remove shoulders.
Thigh Wrap with Inversion
β€’ Grab the fabric on the inside, reach hands high and turn leg thru center of fabric.
β€’ Press forward, front arm reaches back to hold and bend knee to rest in fabric.
β€’ Bring front arm to back side so both shoulders are behind fabric. Reach up and bring leg to front.
β€’ Switch hand grip and reach back grab foot open chest.
β€’ Switch hands back, slowly lean back and hook your leg from the outside in.
β€’ Reach up and pull yourself up. Place foot on ground. Open arms stretch
β€’ Unhook your shoulder. Bend knee and bring foot forward.
β€’ Come back to center.

Make sure you practice on your right and left side.
Make sure to listen to your body and enjoy!

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