Aerial Yoga Goddess Pose

🌿Come and celebrate the beauty of Spring with Spring Goddesses of Renewal🌿
🌸March 20th to 24th🌸

Spring is a miraculous time. The whole world comes to life after winter in which all seems dead. Beneath the cold ground the plants and trees prepare for rebirth. The world that seems so dull once again comes alive with colors.
Spring brings us hope for rejuvenation in our lives. It’s a time of renewal for the life that lives inside🌸



🌿Pose Line-Up🌿
Day 1: Eostre🌿Goddess of the radiant dawn bringer of life, joy and blessings
🌿Goddess Pose

Day 2: Flora🌿Goddess of the flowering plants, fresh blooming, prospering and flourishing
🌿 Any Twist

Day 3: Persephone🌿Goddess of rebirth embodies the passage of time and encompasses the full life/death cycle
🌿Low Lunge

Day 4: Induna🌿Goddess of rejuvenation, youthfulness and fertility

Day 5: Rana Niejta🌿Goddess of recreation and fertility of the earth
🌿Yogi’s Choice

Feel free to do your own version of the pose, Whether it is on the floor, in a hammock or silk or on a pole – be as creative as you want. Stay safe

🌸For a chance to win a beautiful prize from our sponsors, please look at the rules below🌸

1. Follow all the hosts and sponsors
2. Repost the flyer
3. Post a photo of each day in your feed
4. Tag all hosts and sponsors in your post or story
5. Use hashtag #goddessesofrenewal
6. Don’t forget to show some love to other participants and hosts💞

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