Aerial Yoga Bat Flow

🦇Hang like a Bat🦇 💜A fun bat flow with a little #aerialdrop 💜 #YOGISHALLOWIN 🔸️October 26th thru 31st 🔸️ Leaves are changing with the chill in the air. All Hallows Eve is near. Let’s have a little Halloween fun with these last days of October. Feel free to use the floor, silk, hammock, hoop or pole.. and embrace the pose in your own way. Come join us and celebrate the Night of Enchantment🎃 Day 1🔸️Hang like a Bat-Any Inversion Day 2🔸️Sweet like Candy Corn-Any Triangle Shape Day 3🔸️Float like a Ghost-Any Balance Day 4🔸️Wrap like a Mummy-Any Plank or Tadasana Day 5🔸️Scaredy Cat-Any Twist or Bidalasana Day 6🔸️End with Grim Reaper-Any Fold or Surprise Us!! Hosts💜 @backyard_aerial @airyogagirl @anping1216 Sponsors🧡 @aerialyogamagazine (Worldwide) @vayumudra (Europe and North America) @prekshameditation (Worldwide) @glassticbottle (US) @sketchmytalent (Worldwide) @aerialyogalife (Worldwide) @asyogapants (Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao) @infinitystrap (US) How to play: 🖤Follow all of the hosts & sponsors 💜Repost this flyer & tag some friends to play along 🧡Post daily using the hashtag your caption. Mention/tag hosts & sponsors in posts. 💜Set your profile to PUBLIC 🖤Comment, interact with each other, share some kindness & bring some light! For extra points, share your pic in your stories! Most importantly, HAVE FUN 👻 #aeriallove #aerialyoga #aerialhammock #aerialsling #flightofvenus #aerialhalloween #flyingyoga #aerialyogalove #aerialbeauty #aerialnation #空中瑜珈 #エアリアルヨガ #에어리얼요가 #플라잉요가 #플라잉피트니스

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