BTS Aerial Dance

Posted @withregram β€’ @p.j.pblte Awake [BTS] – Aerial Dance MV The performance interprets Jin’s sentiments in Awake through powerful and graceful aerial movements that imitates a butterfly entering a new world. She continues to make attempts to spread her wings, despite the failures of not flying high enough. The message of the song is about appreciating your own efforts and believing in yourself, even if we are not in the same pace as others. The storytelling is aided by the lighting, which reflects the series of emotions of a person who is hopeless yet perseveres to achieve an improbable future. The music video also utilized a projector and post-production effects to convey dream-like visuals. Talent: Venus Angelina Director: Princess Jazmyn Poblete @p.j.pblte DOP: Shoun David and Tinkerbell Poblete @tnkrbll.pblt Editor: Tinkerbell Poblete @tnkrbll.pblt Music: Awake – BTS Jin #2021KCultureFestival #KPOPFANMUSICVIDEOAWARDS #btsjinedit #aerialyoga #btscover #aerialdance #flyingyoga #ν”ŒλΌμž‰μš”κ°€ #μ—μ–΄λ¦¬μ–Όμš”κ°€ #aerialistsofig #aerialsling #aerialhammock #aeriallove

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