Aerial Yoga Meditative Pose

#NewYearEveRitualYogis Day 1 💙 Meditation Pose To a mind that is still, a whole universe surrenders 💫 -Lao Tzu Entering into a new year🎉 is an important transition, and many believe that the way you spend New Year’s Eve🎉 sets the tone for the coming year. While our culture places a huge emphasis on doing something special on New Year’s Eve🎉—champagne✨, fancy outfits, the ball drop in Times Square✨—many yogis are looking for a more profound way of honoring the space between old and new. If you’re ready for a different kind of New Year’s🎉, why not try a ritual? New year rituals are perfect for those seeking more spiritual connection and fulfillment during this transition time. Whether you’re spending New Year’s Eve🎉 alone or with others, We’ve found five rituals and yoga poses that will help you honor the current year and welcome the new year with the right energy. Hosts: @yoga_in_the_oaks @deeongs @wandering_gypsea @yogi_huarara Sponsors: @arvoreyoga (EU) @gripyoga (India) @karmalabijoux ( US/Canada) @santinywomen (US) @rollgahealth (US) @patternhour (US) @vayumudra ( US/EU) @prekshameditation (WW) @viruyogaart (WW) ( US & CA) 🎊New Year Ritual Line Up Poses: 1. Meditation: Meditation Pose🌸 2. Sharing Circle: Heart Opener Pose 3. Journaling: Hip Opener Pose 4. Intention: Twist/Bind Pose 5. Reflection-New Year Eve: Yogi Choice How to join: – Follow all the hosts and sponsors to access the great prizes – Repost this flyer and invite some friends to join – Post daily photo/video using our hashtag and tag hosts and sponsors – Set your account to public so we can see your posts in the gallery – Have fun and support each other in the gallery #youarepowerfulbeyondmeasure #beagoddess #aerialhammock #flyingyoga #aerialistsofig #walkyourpath #aerialyoga #aerialfitness #aeroyoga #flyingfitness #aerialhammock #aerialfun #aerialyogalove #aerialpose #danzaaerea #tessutiaerei #aerialpractice #getinverted #flyyoga #practicenotperfection #airyoga #aerialsport #flyingyoga #エアリアルヨガ #플라잉요가 #空中瑜珈 #에어리얼요가 #mindbodyconnection #shareyourlight #everythingisconnected

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