Aerial Hammock

✨ #polesailorschallenge ✨️ Day 2: Mercury Aerial dance Guardians come to me! If at least once you got to play like your favorite Sailor, if you get lost admiring celestial bodies or thinking about the infinity of the Universe … This challenge is for you! 💟 Here are the themes to follow from March 28th to April 7th: 28th: Moon 30th: Mercury 1st: Mars 3rd: Jupiter 5th: Venus 7th: be a Sailor! We will show you some ideas a day in advance, but you have unlimited freedom of interpretation. Feel free to show your poses or choreographies on pole, silk, hoop… Bring out the Sailor in you: Guardians, get ready to dance “in the Name of the Moon!” 🌙 Hosts: @selene_poledance 💜 @mar_lon91 🤍 Sponsors & prizes: @selene_pole_wear (a handmade pole outfit) @cristi.creative (a digital custom lunar themed artwork) (a digital custom Sailor Moon styled illustration) ⬇️ How to join us ⬇️ 🌚 Follow all hosts and sponsors 🌒 Share this flyer in your story and tag us (hosts & sponsors) 🌔 Tag at least 2 pole/aerial friends on the comments 🌝 Post a picture or video in your feed for every day and make sure to tag us on it 🌖 Use the hashtag 🌗 April 10th is the last day to share your tricks: winners will be announced on April 11th! 🌙 Your profile must be public, otherwise we might not see your entries! ☹️ ✨Last but not least: be active! Comment and encourage hosts, sponsors and participants: let’s create a community of brave aerial dance Guardians 💟 Follow and support each other, be and take inspiration with politeness and respect: this is what I have learned since I started doing pole. We are a great community, let’s keep growing it!✨ #aerialistsofig #aerialfly #airdance #aerialsport #aerialfitness #flyingfitness #aerialhammock #aerialfun #aeriallove #aerialshapes #aerialpose #danzaaerea #tessutiaerei #aerialpractice #aerialsling #aerialsplits #aerialfabric #antigravityfitness #aerialinspiration #flyingyoga #aerialist #エアリアルヨガ #플라잉요가 #空中瑜珈 #에어리얼요가 #pdhammocktricks #poletosling #manilalife #flightofvenus

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