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Aerial Lyra Hoop

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* Aerial Hoop
* Hoop inner dia.: 80/85/90/95 cm (31″/33″/35″/37″)
* Tube dia.: 2.5cm
* Color: Silver
* Material: Stainless steel
* Load capacity 600 Kgs
* Accessories are sold separately
* Aerial hoops also known as aerial rings or lyras, are a classic aerial circus performance prop much like trapezes and aerial ropes. Due to their widespread use and simplicity of setup along with the amazing range of beautiful, flowing, daring moves that can be performed on them they are one of the most popular pieces of aerial apparatus around.
*Our Aerial hoops are built to our exacting standards in our workshop to be the ideal beginner and intermediate lyra. These Aerial hoops are made from Steel tubing, allowing great strength without adding too much weight.
We recommend setting up this hoop with 1 Sling, 1 Swivel, 2 Carabiners, and Anti-slip tapes. Please visit our shop to get if you need them.
This link is for Lyra Hoop only, Hardware sold separately
A series of Hoops: You could find out different sizes and types hoop in our shop. Whether you choose a one point, two point or even zero point hoop are simple to rig, and allow you to setup your hoop in several different ways to suit your specific needs.
Sizing: If you are unsure which size you need, a basic measurement is to sit on a chair and measure from the seat to the top of your head, then add 10 cm. (eg: chair to top of head is 80 cm, then you likely need a 90cm aerial hoop).
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